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Many consultants are narrowly focused on one specific area of your business, such as pricing. The Northpoint perspective is broader and our approach is systematic. The goal is always profitable top-line revenue growth.

  • Northpoint understands the costs and risks of change, therefore when providing prescriptive recommendations we are surgical at making the needed changes. Northpoint implements practical, achievable programs that leverage your strengths to assess and stimulate the core drivers of growth.
  • We have the framework, skills, and experience to analyze your system for growth and make sound, fact-based recommendations for change. Simply put, after implementing our recommendations, our clients are more successful and perform at the top of their peer group. Our clients view Northpoint engagements as a high-yielding investment, not an expense.
  • With the Northpoint consulting approach, we research your industry inside and out, understand your products and utilize the best minds in the industry to determine the optimal set of recommendations. Northpoint explores all possible drivers for revenue growth, both organic and inorganic.

Focus on all Avenues for Growth

Organic Growth

Northpoint is experienced in all elements of organic growth and capable of supporting all that apply, or diving into the one specific area that requires the most help for your organization.

Key organic growth areas include:

  • Innovation strategy and product / offering management
  • Value proposition development and market segmentation
  • Market attack strategy
  • Market access and sales channel strategy
  • Sales enablement programs for sales rep productivity

Inorganic Growth

The Northpoint team can help you identify and access new markets, evaluate market-entry strategies, and select and engage prospective targets. Once a merger or acquisition is executed, our experts can also support the on-boarding and integration process to drive full realization of the M & A value.

Key inorganic growth areas include:

  • Value chain assessment
  • Identification of market adjacency
  • M & A targeting for companies, technology, and channels
  • Development of business alliances

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