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Northpoint Business Advisors offers a full range of unique and proprietary products and services that will help your organization accelerate growth, avoid pitfalls and risks, and exact a sustainable competitive advantage.

Practice areas include:

Strategic PlanningStrategic Planning:
The Northpoint team of experts serve to extend your team and provide an outside-in perspective to your strategic planning process.
Market Channel StrategyMarket & Channel Strategy:
Research and analytics to help you identify and activate channels that will connect your products and services to your target customers.
Market Entry / ResearchMarket Entry & Market Research:
Northpoint performs quantitative and qualitative research to help you understand and operationalize market access, customer demand, voice of the customer and competitive positioning.
Sales EnablementSales Enablement:
Accelerate your sales motion with the content, tools, learning and programs aligned to the buyer’s journey and designed to elevate sales rep productivity and efficiency across the sales organization.
Sales OperartionsSales Operations:
Build a foundation of operational excellence to drive revenue growth with sales coverage models and incentive compensation plans aligned to your organization’s strategic priorities.
Innovation AccelerationInnovation Acceleration:
Connect your research and development more closely to the market to develop and deploy new innovation strategies for your business.

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