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The foundation for sustainable revenue growth is a strategic plan which defines the road map or the game plan for how your organization will achieve required growth targets.

Northpoint has a unique capability to help our clients select strategic options that drive profitable revenue growth. Strategic planning is the key to success. As we like to say, “If you get on the wrong bus, every stop is the wrong stop.”

Northpoint provides an unbiased perspective and a fact-based, analytical approach to strategic choice selection that yields successful results. Our approach is proven and supported by a full range of successful clients.

Our clients engage Northpoint at regular intervals throughout their annual planning and strategy cycles. We review their strategic options—from new market entry to channel development, product portfolio rationalization, and inorganic growth—and guide the selection of strategies that are practical, manageable, and successful.

We find very often that our clients have considered strategies that are likely to succeed, but have not executed them because of organizational bias. We drive progress and action—not by selling you on a radical “new” idea, but rather by executing time-tested approaches with high probabilities of success. We help you win by motivating rational action in the face of organizational inertia. We help you get off the dime with strategies that are developed for success.

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