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White Paper #1
Investing in the Value Stack:
A Discipline for Revenue Growth

While opportunities for short‐term lift exist for those with the right skills and toolset, organizations must also seek out longer‐term realignment to staff their value stack with the right talent and institutional resolve. Value stacks are a key method to achieve a leadership position in the market. Even for companies that compete through operational excellence, value stacks are essential to maintaining and realizing margins and avoiding commoditization through differentiation.

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White Paper #2
Challenging your Company’s Status Quo:
Traps, Pitfalls & Effective Remedies

The marketplace is littered with companies that failed to effectively challenge the status quo. All of them were led by well-intentioned managers who did their level best, but there is a fundamental difference between working hard and working to challenge the status quo. Too often, we’re trapped by what we know and have learned over the years, but what brought a company’s success in the past isn’t always going to work in the future.

At some point in every organization’s history, the people making decisions recognized the need to break with convention. So why do so many businesses struggle to effectively transition from older modes of operations? Why do some many companies stumble when they blazing out onto new territory?

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White Paper #3
The Blind Side: The huge cost of value propositions that don’t resonate.

Much of the exposure that is faced by corporations, small to large, is at the core. Yes, you are often blind sided by the fact that your combination of value propositions may not resonate as well as they once did. The markets are increasingly more dynamic. Some of this is driven by competitors looking to one up and improve on your level of success. Time doesn’t stand still and not truer said today that at any time in the annals of business. It used to be that in B2B a new product would be launched, and it would perform for 5-10 years with some minor adjustments. Today we’re dealing with change that’s more akin to women’s fashion. This build up is all about your need to effectively assess and manage your value propositions.

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White Paper #4
Landscape Reviews: A Foundation for Strategic Decision-Making

The essential first step in developing a business strategy for sustainable revenue growth is to perform a comprehensive, systematic review of the business landscape. Landscape Reviews yield a foundation of evidence on which to base your strategic decisions.

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