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Northpoint Business Advisors’ management consulting services leverage our established revenue growth architecture to solve challenging growth issues collaboratively with our clients.

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As a leading management consulting firm, Northpoint Business Advisors specializes in sustainable top-line revenue growth, including the design, delivery, and execution of related business strategies.

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Northpoint Business Advisors works with senior executives and their teams to help solve difficult problems related to revenue growth, strategic acquisitions, and market strategy. Take calculated action with our unique combination of collaborative coaching, industry knowledge, and expert insight.

The Art and Science of Consulting

Overcoming revenue growth and market challenges requires a mix of proven strategies and tactical solutions. At Northpoint Business Advisors, our powerful support programs are driven by a blend of empirical and theoretical thinking, defined by our decades of consultancy experience.

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Select the right consultant

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Frequently ranked as one of the best top-line consulting firms in the North American region, Northpoint Business Advisors guarantees accelerated and sustainable revenue growth. If you are a senior executive of a medium or large B2B corporation, allow us to help you break barriers by looking beyond existing systems and internal strategies.

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Intelligent Buildings + Others

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“I’ve known Dick Van Belzen for going on three decades … His breadth of experience would be difficult to find anywhere. His practical no-nonsense way of getting things done makes him an incredible asset – someone to have in ‘in your corner’ when against market challenges.”

— Ralph Olivia, Professor of Marketing at Smeal College of Business

“Having Northpoint on board to help drive our major change program made the initiative a lot easier. I found it tremendously helpful to rely on a senior consultant to guide us through the process. It enabled my team to stay focused on the day-to-day issues. Northpoint delivered tenfold.”

— Chief Executive Officer, Building Technologies Company

“Northpoint advised my company CTO and [I] about a strategy to expand our technology portfolio … Dick brought valuable insights and a fresh perspective. He led [the project] as if he was part of our team, highly focused on results without having to regularly engage.”

— Rob Hussey, Business Development at Honeywell

“Northpoint was integral to our study of market adjacencies. We trusted their well-developed insights. Their ability to dig deep and provide insights, not easily found is unique to them vs. the other firms we had do similar work.”

— Sr. Vice President Business Development, Water Technologies Company

[Northpoint] never let us down and delivered very high-quality results at reasonable investment levels … Their Landscape Reviews provided invaluable outside-in analysis and insights that enabled our teams to activate new areas of revenue growth.

— Rick Stachel, Market Intelligence at Philips

“Northpoint has the knowledge, expertise, and resources needed in every layer of the value stack. They have helped us balance our cost and value investments with dynamic results.”

— Sr. Vice President Strategy & Chief Technology Officer, High Tech Company

“If we had tried to change our branding and go-to-market strategy on our own, we would have struggled to deliver on time … Northpoint is a key reason we were successful.”

— Chief Marketing Officer, Medical Device Company

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